Enhance Your Family Drive-In Movie Experience With These Tips

Posted on: 4 August 2022

Attending a drive-in movie with your family can be a fun way to spend a Friday or Saturday night during the summer. Pleasant weather, plenty of snacks, and a unique way to watch a movie may quickly become one of your family's favorite summer pastimes. If you haven't previously taken in a drive-in movie but are planning to do so this summer, it can be fun to browse online to find a theater in an area that you'll be visiting on vacation. You can then check the movie listings to find something that appeals to everyone. Here are some tips for enhancing your family's drive-in movie experience this summer.

Arrive Early

The drive-in theater's website will note not only what time the movie begins, but also when the gates to the theater property open. When possible, it's ideal to arrive as early as you can. There are several reasons to do so. You'll get a prime choice of parking spots, so whether you like being front and center or farther back, you'll be able to park where you wish. The lines at the concession stands will be shorter at this time, allowing your family to load up on a meal or some snacks. Additionally, being early will give your kids a chance to run around outside before they settle down for the film.

Attend A Double Feature

While it can be fun to visit a drive-in theater to watch one movie, you may wish to consider another idea. It's common for these theaters to have double features on certain nights of the week. This means that you'll watch two movies, commonly scheduled with a short break in between to give everyone a chance to grab more snacks or run to the bathroom. Double features can be good value and especially a fun idea for a family that frequently enjoys watching movies together.

Pack Comfy Supplies

You can enhance the drive-in movie experience for your family by making sure to pack lots of supplies to keep everyone comfortable. An assortment of pillows will allow everyone to sit in comfort in the car. If the weather is a little cooler during a late-summer showing, don't forget to pack a few blankets. On hotter nights, a couple of battery-powered fans can help to circulate the air in your vehicle and keep everyone cool. Look online to find a drive-in movie theater to visit as a family.

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