3 Advantages Of Comedy Event Theater For Screenwriters

Posted on: 24 May 2022

If you're a screenwriter, you can find writing inspiration from many resources. Even in a relaxing environment, you may find it hard to turn your creative mind off. One way to help hone in your screenwriting skills is with comedy event theater. Comedians and improv acts provide you with a wide range of talent.

Even though screenwriting is far different than stand-up comedy, you can gain a lot of knowledge each time you attend a comedy theater event. Learn about these advantages and ways stand up acts can improve your screenwriting skills.

1. Plant & Payoffs

One of the key elements in a stand-up act is a successful plant and payoff. A comedian will bring a detail or point early in the show and then circle back to that moment or punchline later in the show. The clever transition is hard to do and can result in some moments with great payoff.

As a screenwriter, the plant and payoff concept is essential as you figure out details of the story. Use comedians to learn ways to bring back details in a screenplay without being too contrived or out of place.

2. Comedic Timing & Dialogue

Comedians rely on proper comedy to set the pace of a joke and ensure they receive the biggest laugh. As you listen and watch a comedian, take in their timing and apply it to your own writing. The voices and jokes a comedian tells can help you with your own dialogue while you write. Learn how to set up a punchline and subvert expectations to garner laughs or reactions.

If a comedian has multiple shows, then you can attend more than one and really see how the timing works for their best jokes.

3. Storytelling

Comedians have the ability to introduce characters and tell stories with a quick pace. In a screenplay, you have to do the same thing as you introduce characters and keep up with the pace of the story. Listen to descriptions of characters in the way they act and talk. Also pay attention to physical descriptions.

All of the little details will help you build up those characters and tell unique stories. Often, a character build is made with just one or two lines. A comedian has to do the same thing as they tell a story and build a visual for everyone in attendance.

Turning a comedy event into a true learning experience and take those skills with you as you complete your next screenplay.