Must-Have Golf Cart Accessories For Vacations

Posted on: 31 January 2022

While golf carts are often limited to course, vacation locations often benefit from the use of golf carts. Easily get from location to location with vacation golf cart rentals. Many campgrounds, beach resorts, and warm climate vacations offer rentals.

Sometimes rentals will include accessory options or you can bring your own accessories. Check out some accessories to look for in vacation golf cart rentals.

Clip-On Garbage Bags 

While you vacation, you may have snacks and extras during your golf cart travels. The last thing you want to do is litter. As an alternative, consider adding some clip-on garbage bags to the golf cart for the duration of a vacation. Similar to garbage bags used in vehicles, they offer an easy way to organize trash. You do not need to ride around looking for a garbage can somewhere.

When you arrive back at your vacation home each day, it will be easy to empty out the garbage and keep the bag clean for the next day.

Cup Holders

Stay refreshed without the need to constantly hold onto your drink with the use of cup holders. Some golf carts may have cup holders built in. If your cart doesn't, then consider the use of dashboard cup holders that can connect to the front of the golf cart. Easily transport your drink and do not worry about spills.

If you drive out to get a morning coffee, a cup holder will hold the coffee and prevent your hand from getting too hot.

Bag Hooks

If you take a golf cart to the beach or other location, you will likely have some items with you. Easily carry a beach bag or a shopping bag with the use of bag hooks. The hooks will hold your items and you do not need to worry about them sliding off the cart. Many golf carts feature open sides, so a bag could fall off if not secured properly.

Golf Cart Enclosures

If you expect rain, wind, or other poor weather, do not let it impact your golf cart experience. Look into renting or purchasing a golf cart enclosure. The plastic tarp goes over the whole golf cart and protects anyone riding inside. The enclosure is a great way to let a downpour pass through without getting wet at all.

Check weather reports to see if the enclosure is needed or have one just in case.

The accessories will change the way you experience and enjoy your golf cart.