3 Reasons To Seek Out Local News Coverage

Posted on: 9 July 2021

Local news coverage has suffered a lot in recent years. National cable news networks and social media have become the go-to sources for information. However, these sources of news coverage often fail to properly cover important local and regional stories.

But, right now, people need this local news coverage more than ever, especially in the following key areas. Because in all reality, your local news has been the only source of this information that helps you be a citizen, consumer, employee, and voter.

Traffic Monitoring

You need to get places on time. To do this, you need accurate and up-to-date traffic information. Road construction during the warmer months frequently causes and delays and congestion that you need to for in advance. And don't forget about accidents! Knowing where there's been a traffic accident allows you to plan a detour so that you still arrive on time.

Local news is often a source of accurate highway and traffic news in your area. In many cases, your local news provider has a dedicated beat to monitoring the traffic and highways situation in your area. This is information that you count on. When your support local news coverage, you support your own on-time arrival to work, school, etc.

High School Sports

Your local news is often the only provider of high school sports coverage. If you love your local team, then you should love your local news coverage, both broadcasting and reporting. When you do that, you also support the team as well, since your local news provider pays for the right to cover the sports, in many cases. 

Politics and Civic Matters

If you own a small business, local news helps to keep you abreast of all the local political and civic issues that could affect your business. Local news is often the first source of information and proposed property or sales tax hikes or decreases in your area. They also report on the property zoning issues in your community and other important local issues.

Local news also reports on how your elected officials feel about particular issues that matter to you on a local level. They hold politicians accountable for their votes and position by making sure the community is accurately informed about their actions.

Finally, your local news always has a ton of information about how you can participate in your community, from listing the town council meeting times to sharing information on how you can volunteer in the community. A healthy civil society requires active participation.

For more information about local news coverage, reach out to a local news outlet, like The Herald Dispatch.