Visit A Mini Golf Course To Participate In A Family-Friendly Competition

Posted on: 14 May 2019

Playing a round of mini golf will feed your competitive nature and help you take your mind off of the strenuous responsibilities that you handle every day. Take the opportunity to share your enjoyment of mini golf by inviting your adolescents to join you in a friendly competition next weekend.

Choose A Themed Course

A themed course will make the outing more interesting. A course that contains suspension bridges, caves, or character statues will keep you and your children entertained and will make it challenging to hit balls across the terrain. If there are several mini golf courses in your neighborhood, tell your children about each of them and allow them to give their input, concerning which one to go to.

Call the business a day or two before you plan on playing a round of golf. Ask an employee of the business how many holes are on the course, the average wait time that you can expect before beginning a game, and whether or not it would be a good idea to make reservations.

Make A Bet And Prepare Prizes

A simple bet that is made with your children, prior to playing the round of golf, can heighten the excitement level of the competition. Tell your kids that if you win, you would like them to wash your car or clean their rooms. If one of your children wins the match, you can agree to suspend all of their chores for a few days.

Prizes are another incentive that you can use. Buy a couple of gift cards or some inexpensive gadgets that your children are interested in and tell them that if they both beat your score, they will be awarded one of the treats.

Recap What Happened

Just because the golf game is over does not mean that you need to call it a night and head home. Treat yourself and your teens to a meal at a favored restaurant chain. While sitting at a table or booth and waiting for your meals to be served, discuss the highlights of the golf course and make plans to return to the miniature golf venue.

If you and your children are intrigued to learn what the other miniature golf courses have to offer, set aside one day each month to visit one of the courses until you and your children have had the opportunity to compete in a family-friendly competition at all of them.

To learn more about what a mini golf course has to offer, contact a local business like Bonanza Golf and Gifts.