Small-Wedding Spaces: Why Even Budget Weddings Benefit From Being At A Special Venue

Posted on: 29 January 2019

A popular choice for budget weddings with a small number of guests is one's own backyard. Admittedly, this is a sensible choice for couples who are super-strapped for cash and who are having maybe a few family members and a couple of friends over. There's no shame in doing this if this is what you can afford and are happy with. For other couples who want to have a wedding that is still kind of small but larger than a family get-together, however, a backyard wedding may not be the best choice. It may be more beneficial and a lot easier in terms of planning to find a venue that has smaller spaces for more intimate gatherings.

Permitting Issues

Your family and a few friends getting together at your house is rarely an issue for neighbors and city regulations. Make that get-together a 40-person event with a caterer and planners, however, and you could run afoul of rules. First, depending on the size of the gathering, you could need city permits, especially if you're going to be taking up a lot of street parking and having people direct cars. Even if you're not going that far, and you're just having the people over with the cake dropped off, your neighbors might not be too pleased with the parking situation.

Contrast that with holding everything at a smaller wedding venue. Not only do you have a parking lot, but you don't have to worry about permitting issues. You might even be able to get a package deal that helps with chair and table rental costs.

Lawn Damage

So you've had your small backyard wedding. You've also just had 35 people milling about on your lawn, setting down rows of chairs, and possibly spilling food into the grass. Think about the cleanup that you might have to deal with, and you can see why moving everything to a wedding venue is a lot easier. There would be no chair leg holes in your lawn and no sudden pest infestations from the cake crumbs embedded in the grass. And, best of all, cleanup will be done by someone else at a wedding venue -- not you and your family.

Supplies and Space

Put 30 people in a typical backyard, and it might not look that crowded. Put 30 people, 30 chairs, six tables, a catering/drink table, and the spot for the couple to stand in that same backyard, and now you're looking at a tighter fit. And that's before you add in a possible bar or DJ booth. Move all that to a venue made for weddings, however, and you'll have more than enough space for everyone to mill about, get food, sit down, run around (for the kids), and so on.

Backyard weddings can be very nice, but the planning issues make a non-yard wedding venue a smarter choice for many people. Your wedding should be enjoyable, and a wedding-specific location makes everything a lot easier to handle.