Benefits Of Renting Tables And Chairs For Your Party

Posted on: 10 September 2018

Whether you're throwing a major birthday party or you have a family reunion coming up that you're responsible for, you want to make sure you're prepared for the event. This means planning enough food and seating for all your guests.

You have the venue covered, but you're lacking tables and chairs. You can buy all these items, but why would you? It's unlikely that you'll use these party accessories to their fullest in the future unless you plan on hosting more large events. There are benefits to using a party planner for the tables and chairs you need. Here are some of them.

Great rates

In many cases, party planners rent tables and chairs on a per-piece rental price. This means you only pay for the amount of furnishings you plan on using. If you don't know how many tables and chairs you need for your event, over-plan what you need; you'd rather have too many chairs and tables in the end than have guests standing or nowhere to put food.

Great variety

Do you want wooden chairs with sashes for your event to add flair and beauty? Or you do just need basic vinyl chairs to give your guests somewhere to sit down? Do you need long, square, round, oval, or rectangular tables?

Your party planner not only carries large quantities of the furnishings you need for your party, they also have these items in a variety of sizes and styles to meet your venue's decor best. Prices vary between styles of tables and chairs for rent, so ask for a price list from your party planning specialist.

Great accessories

You have your tables and chairs, but now you need to decorate them. Do you buy tablecloths for several tables, knowing you'll never use them again? Do you put candlesticks and other items on tables, knowing the cost to buy them will put you over your budget?

Actually, you just need to ask your party planner how much table and chair accessories cost. You can add these additional items to your rental at a fee that is much cheaper than buying these items outright. As a bonus, you often don't even have to launder tablecloths and napkins after use, although some party planners charge extra for the dry cleaning fees if you opt not to do this additional task on your own. Talk to a party planning specialist and look at resources like to learn more about your table and chair rental options.