Plan Your Own Escape Room Party

Posted on: 20 July 2018

Are you planning a special event soon, maybe a birthday party or simply a get-together for your friends? If you want to plan a unique event that will be remembered for a very long time, think about hosting an escape room party. From sending clever invitations to planning games with an escape theme, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Invitations - Set the mood for your escape room party by sending clever invitations that you make yourself. For example, the invitation might have words like Can You Solve A Mystery? or Are You Ready To Escape? as part of the design of the front of the card. Then, when the invitations are opened, the recipients of the invitation might find something like folded papers that hold clues about the party. For instance, one paper might have the words, The Twelfth Of Never for the time guests are supposed to arrive. Two Evenings Before Sabbath will indicate that the party is on a Friday night. On the back of the card, you could write all the information clearly so that there won't be any questions about time, place, etc. Another idea for an invitation would be to have a tricky little string pattern that the recipients would have to unwind to get to the message. Or, they could just cut the string!

The Games - Start the games right when your guests arrive. One way to start is by putting a message on each guest's back, maybe with strong tape. The message might say something like, I am Scarlett O'Hara's husband. The guest who is wearing that message on his or her back would then ask other guests for clues that would give the answer to whom he or she is. Other games might include passing a test before leaving a certain room. You could form teams that would work together for figure out the test which might be something as simple as naming all of the dwarfs from Snow White to something more difficult like the authors of different classic books. Another idea is to create a maze in a room, perhaps with screens, and the guests would have to give code words to go through the maze which would then lead them to the end. The first team might receive an inexpensive puzzle for each member of the team. End the event by just relaxing and visiting as you eat a delicious meal together. 

If you have a small group and want a more in-depth experience than you can do on your own, consider trying out an escape room business like Escape Tech in your area.