Entertainment Options For The Wedding: How To Make Sure Guests Have A Memorable Time

Posted on: 12 September 2017

Are you walking down the aisle with your significant other in a few months? Because there is still some time left, you may be trying to figure out as many of the details as possible to ensure that the big day is amazing. Choosing the right sources of entertainment is essential. You'll likely want your guests to have a fun, enjoyable, and memorable time while you get hitched. There are many ways to keep guests entertained throughout the reception.

Plan Out a Game of Wedding Trivia

During the reception, you'll have more time to sit down with your loved ones and celebrate your nuptials. While eating good food and socializing with one another, why not offer a fun game of wedding trivia? Come up with a list of about 20 fun questions to add to the trivia sheet. These questions should be all about the bride, groom, and their relationship with one another.

The wedding trivia gives guests something to do before or after they eat their food at the reception. You could give guests a set amount of time to complete the trivia and then read the correct answers off for everyone, giving the person with the most questions answered correctly a decent and memorable prize.

Hire an Experienced DJ to Play Good Music

Do you love to dance and want to make sure you'll have plenty of great songs to listen to? Consider contacting a DJ entertainment company to hire an experienced DJ to play the different songs at your wedding. Create a list of important songs you'd like to hear, including special songs for the dance with your partner and the dance you'll each share with your parents. Aside from creating a list of important songs you'd like to hear, make sure to let the DJ know what types of music to play. The DJ may have a versatile selection of music to offer.

Get an Artist to Draw Caricatures For Guests

Want your guests to go home with the perfect wedding favor? If so, you may want to hire a professional artist to draw out caricatures. Your guests could take turns sitting down while having these humorous and adorable pictures drawn of themselves. These drawings are fun to look at, may be used as artwork on the walls of the home, and are often held onto by people for years to come. If you're planning on having a large wedding, hire more than one artist to help out.

If you want your wedding to be entertaining and memorable, try planning out wedding trivia, hiring a professional DJ, and getting an artist to draw caricatures of your guests. These different entertainment options are sure to keep your guests smiling, laughing, and having a genuinely good time throughout the reception.