3 Ways To Make Sure Your Child Has An Amazing Sweet Sixteen

Posted on: 8 September 2017

Your child's sweet sixteen party is a huge deal. Your child can now legally drive a car, and before you know it they will be going off to college and becoming independent adults. You are proud of the child you have raised and want to help them celebrate this milestone birthday in style. Here are three ways to make sure your child has a memorable and amazing sweet sixteen birthday party:

Hire a Sweet Sixteen DJ:

Hiring a DJ will ensure the party is festive and that the kids have the opportunity to dance with their friends. Instead of hiring any DJ, hire one who specializes in sweet sixteen parties. This is important because a sweet sixteen DJ will know which musical artists and songs the kids will especially love and be excited about. Sweet sixteen DJs are also good at building rapport with teens and livening up the party so that there are no awkward lulls.

Put Together a Photo Slideshow

Putting together a slideshow of your teen's favorite photos with friends and family set to their favorite music can be a meaningful way to bond in the days leading up to their sweet sixteen party. You can then rent a projector and screen at your party venue, and play the slideshow while the kids are eating birthday cake, or perhaps after your teen opens their presents. Make sure the photo slideshow includes both funny and more touching photos, and that you don't include any that your teen doesn't approve of or will be embarrassed by.

Have the Party Catered

The last thing you want is a large group of starving teenagers on your hands, so food is the main priority. Catering the party will guarantee the food is delicious and save you from having to slave in the kitchen the entire party. The catering company will even clean up afterward, for an especially stress-free sweet sixteen. Talk to your teen about what kind of food they'd like served and think their friends will love, as the possibilities are endless: from a sit-down Italian feast to gourmet burgers and truffle fries, to having the party catered by a taco food truck. 

By going the extra mile and making sure your child has a wonderful sweet sixteen birthday party, you will be showing them how important they are to you and how proud you are of the young adult they have become.