Learn Piano With The Help Of A Real Teacher, Not A Virtual One

Posted on: 4 September 2017

Learning to play the piano provides you with a gift that should last a lifetime. Before you get to the point at which you're content with your playing, however, you'll need to decide the approach that you'll take for learning this instrument. If you're an avid technology user, you might feel an inkling toward learning online. With many online tutorials and communities designed to teach beginners how to play the piano, it can be tempting to develop your skills in the comfort of home. However, there's still a considerable amount of value to taking the traditional approach of seeking out a teacher in your community and having in-person piano lessons. Here's why you should strongly consider this route.

Easier To Get Feedback

While there are lots of benefits of learning an instrument online, the ability to get feedback on your playing doesn't count among them. It can be difficult to upload a recording of your playing for an online teacher or a group of peers to evaluate, and it's also a challenge to explain a question you may have without being able to demonstrate your query in person. An in-person teacher, conversely, can provide you with real-time feedback on your playing to help you develop your skills faster.

More Accountability

Learning to play the piano isn't just about your lessons themselves — you also need to devote plenty of time to practicing between lessons. With online learning, the degree of accountability is less. If you don't have time for practice, you might simply quit the course with the intention of enrolling against in the future. Or, in the case of learning in a non-structured course environment, you may simply fail to get back to your lessons. When you're physically going to meet a teacher every week, you'll feel more accountability to practice the homework that you've been assigned.

Better Demonstrations Of Technique

In-person teachers are highly skilled at demonstrating the techniques that you must employ to find success as a student. Whether you're learning about the position of your arms, how to move your feet, or even how to sit on the piano bench, physically being in the same space as your teacher allows you to absorb these techniques with greater efficiency. Watching an online tutorial video or reading tips on such techniques may be helpful, but can also leave you with questions that you'll need to wait to get answered from someone in the online community.