5 Ways To Guarantee A Thrilling Halloween Haunted House Experience

Posted on: 14 August 2017

Some people look forward to the fall because of its gentle breezes and color changing scenery. Then there are folks who look forward to getting their pants scared off during Halloween festivities. If there is a local haunted house that you make a trip to annually you can count on encountering some new features, attractions and scary surprises. Haunted houses are as fun as they are frightening, and they attract large crowds for the limited time frames that they are open. To make your haunted house 2017 experience exceptionally unique here are five tips to maximize your thrill level.

1. Wear Glow-in-the-Dark Accessories - Going through a haunted house is supposed to be scary, but safety is also essential to both participants and actors. Put on a glow-in-the-dark bracelet so you can stay close to the members of your group as you go through different ghoulish attractions. Glow-in-the-Dark accessories won't take away from the experience but they should help to keep you from accidentally running into one of your friends.

2. Go With Other Halloween Fanatics - The element of surprise will keep you on your toes as you navigate through a haunted house. You will enjoy the journey more if you bring others who share your haunted house enthusiasm. Bring a co-worker, a spouse, your neighbors or even your grandfather, just make sure that they all share your love of adventurous Halloween themed fun.

3. Bring Money For Refreshments - Whether you're going to be going through a single haunted house attraction or will be powering through a full itinerary of scares and thrills, you will get parched and potentially want a snack. Apple cider and finger foods are typically available at haunted houses, so bring your cash and be ready for the next set of surprises.

4. Get Your Tickets Early - The best haunted houses have a tendency of remaining packed and selling out quick. Order your tickets online instead of trying to purchase them at the door so you don't get turned away. When you find a haunted house attraction that gets your adrenaline pumping you will definitely want to go back for round two.

5. Bring Your Warmest Jacket - Many haunted houses also have accompanying attractions, like hayrides and outdoor mazes. Bring along an insulated fall jacket and a pair of gloves so you don't get distracted by the cold and can focus on the scary scenery and convincingly spooky actors. Simply unzip your jacket or put it around your waist if the thrills make you begin to break a sweat.